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The Vocal Vaper

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Vocal Vaper-Things I've Found I Can't Live Without!

Hello, dear Readers!!

I just celebrated 10 months cigarette free!!! I must have "quit" smoking several hundred times, at most I would manage a week or two. I've tried everything from Chantix to snapping a rubberband I wore on my wrist. But on the Chantix, even knowing that I would "toss cookies" if I smoked, I would light up anyway! (And then pay the price for an hour!)

Vaping has been my salvation! I breathe easier, my colds don't last as long, and I noticed that my face now as a rosy glow, rather than a sallow yellow color. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save my teeth...and I suspect that I have COPD. Vaping was the answer to giving up cigarettes...and I suspect that I will be vaping for a VERY long time!!

I wanted to take a moment and mention the vaping items that I cannot live, here we go:

We all need are my favorites:

Joye Ego Twist- currently $22 at
The least expensive I've found, he is often out of stock, tho, but carries more than just black and silver.

"Ego Twist"- the vapor These are not a genuine Joye, but really WILD selection of colors and patterns, FAST shipping, nice lady!!

ProVari- "the Cadillac of APVS"-- now available in COLORS!! I have a purple mini on my wish list!


Boge cartos- -the ONLY place I buy cartos! "The Deal" is 5 packs of 5 carts currently sells for $23...less than $1 a carto...means I ALWAYS have a fresh one in my tank, and I don't feel guilty when I throw them away...I don't feel bad when I toss them into the recycle bin anymore!

In no particular order:

ANY Kir Fanis tank- $50-70 will last forever. See my prior reviews. I love these

Bella/Elegance tanks- $50 +/- so EASY to use!! GREAT VAPE, you CAN replace the plastic tank with a glass one from Bedazzle!!

Glass tanks: Bedazzle tanks. VERY reasonable, and VERY beautiful!!! Talk to Kathy, she's really Great

Glass tanks: Phiniac tanks will set you back 50+ and up, depending on the options you choose. They will sandblast a custom design into the tank! I love these, too!!

Vision ViVi Novas are available from almost everyone, cost about $16, and give an excellent vape, if you don't like to use a carto tank. Additionally, they have metal rank replacements (although both of the ones I purchased LEAKED, so I didn't wast any more money) but the main issue I have with the ViVis is that the replacement heads are more expensive than the boge cartos I use, so therefore, I tend to stick with my carto tanks.


I've tried close to 25 juice vendors, and 100 juices...but the ONE juice vendor I purchase from, month after month is: I use a LOT of juice each month, not only for myself, but I also buy juice for my Little Sister and my son. If I were only buying or myself, I might use a different vendor, but I purchase more than 900 ml of juice every month, so, value and a large selection is important to me. I cannot afford $22 for 30 ml!

ECBlend offers 50 (yes FIFTY)ml bottles of juice for a bit less than $16, less a 20% discount. ECBlend also offers "extra flavor" and "double extra labor" in addition to the option of adding "flavor shots" to the majority of their selections. Usually, it only takes 2-3 days for hem to get the juice blended and out the door! I HAVE ordered from some juice masters that don't offer as many flavor options, who have taken up to THREE WEEKS to ship my juice...then, the juice needs another week or more to "steep"...I can't always wait that long to get a juice.

I'm not going to cover the excellent APVs available that aren't readily available, that you have to track down, wait for months at a time to be released, get on a waiting list to buy, and then STILL not be "one of the lucky ones" to earn a chance to pay for...or the APVs that are only found on some obscure classified ad which are listed at 6-8 times the "original" selling price because they only made 150 items. (I asked about an APV about three months ago that originally sold for $199, and the seller was demanding $800!! When I sputtered, he said "this s a Collectors Item!" Well, goody...and good luck to you!)

I'm also not mentioning the "rebuildable" tanks...I haven't tried them because I have arthritic fingers and I am just not sure that building my own wicks is really worth the time, effort and money...

I hope to update my blog more often in the future...I'm learning something new everyday, and I will share with you as I can! Take care, and happy vaping!

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