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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Vocal Vaper: The Jodi Arias Trial

<p>Like many of you, I have been held captive by the "Jodi Arias Trial" (Árrrrias in Spanish, but, i am unable to trill the "r" sound, can you?)  When i typed the title, i hesitated...calling it the "Jodi Arias" trial certainly gives it the significance and importance that Arias thrives on!  But the title "The Trial Of The Killer Of Travis Alexander" is a little wordy and has too many capital letters!</p><p>Whatever else I may say here today, the MOST IMPORTANT fact is that Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias.  She took the stand, and ADMITTED doing so.  DO NOT fall for "self-defense". Self Defense is aiming the gun and shooting a bullet or two.  Self Defense is stabbing someone in the heart till he stops coming at you.  Self Defense is NOT shooting a guy, stabbing him in the heart, stabbing him in the back when he tries to run from you AND THEN, AND THEN SLASHING HIS THROAT from ear to ear...and leaving him in the shower!  Self Defense CALLS 911, Self Defense doesnt say "i wasnt there" and then change a story...this is NOT SELF DEFENSE...IT IS MURDER!!!  NOTHING can give Travis his life again!  Arias said NOTHING that convinced me that Travis "needed" killing.  My thoughts and prayers go to his family, especially his sisters, who sit in that courtroom daily and CALMLY listen to the Defense Team tell the WORLD things MUCH WORSE than being called a "skank", a "whore" or a "3-hole wonder"!!  I am appalled!  Honestly, "Skank" is one of the KINDER words I think of when I consider Arias and what she has wrought.  </p>

I, myself, had negligent parents; I, too, lived with my grandparents. I feel I'm qualified to say that after ALL those children/now adults endured, the very LAST thing that they DESERVED was to spend the past 4.5 years dealing with this Trial, and watching as a self-centered MURDERER smirk as she drags the memory of their brother through the mud! Actually, I can't think of ANYONE who DESERVES that fate. It just sees to me that they have ALREADY endured so very much.  My heart bleeds for them!

My one and only sister was killed in an auto accident 36 years ago, and at times, I think I STILL haven't recovered from the loss of my best forever friend.  In comparison, I was lucky.  I did NOT have to face a murder in court every day for weeks on end.  There were no questions, other than "How did it happen?" No one to lie, no legal pundits to voice their opinions, no cameras focused on me, waiting to capture one of my many moments of weeping weakness, and no crazy people saying things like "She deserved what she got!" Or "What do you expect, her coming from parents like THAT?"

Like Travis, I was once dating a real, live (clinically diagnosed) sociopath who "had no conscience". NOTHING was EVER HIS fault or RESPONSIBILITY!  My experience enables me to see what a "piece of work" this woman REALLY is! You and I base our thoughts and ideas on "how we feel, or do things". When we hear a story, we believe it; we aren't liars, so we don't expect lies.  When we are sad, we cry; we don't suspect someone is crying only to manipulate us!! Sociopaths have a unique and impossible to understand way of taking anything you say and turning it around so that somehow YOU are the perpetrator and THEY are the victim...and then they are able to take that hot mess and convince everyone they talk to that YOU are the biggest jerk that walked the planet!  Do you hear from Arias that he basically GAVE her his old BMW, (with only her PROMISE to pay him back) which she IMMEDIATELY trashed!!?? No..but you hear some wild tale about her supposedly dropping a camera, so she shot him in the head, and THEN he got angry and said "I'm going to kill you!"  I would probably be a little peeved if someone shot ME in the head too!!

With all the strange things we have been forced to listen to (yes, I KNOW, I COULD have turned it OFF!), we have lost sight of this:  WAS ARIAS LEGALLY RIGHT IN KILLING TRAVIS ALEXANDER BECAUSE SHE FEARED FOR HER LIFE?  I am not convinced that she did. 

Arias got exactly what she wanted. No OTHER woman will have Travis as a husband! If he didn't marry her, he would marry NO ONE...and for eternity, no one will mention Travis without mentioning "Jodi Arias" HER eyes, they are married forever! 

My prayers are for the family...I pray that they get the justice they deserve. As much as I believe she deserves the DP, LWOP would cost the taxpayers much one spot during arias' interview with the detective, he asks "why are you crying?" Her answer is a sociopathic classic: I'm imagining all the things I won't be able to do in the future...." I hope that the jury gives her LWOP, because there are no State mandated long as an appeal is in the future she has hope.  To face the next 50-60 years of her life, with no appeal on the hope of wearing that soft, fluffy Hyatt bathrobe...or visiting with some other poor sap the 999 Places To See Before You Die that she still has left on her list...I want to know for sure that she won't be in the passenger seat when my son comes home for a Holiday Dinner...I want to know for sure that some OTHER man won't be tricked by her lies...or be found lying dead in the shower.

I will return to VAPING in my next blog...

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