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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Vocal Vaper: The Jodi Arias Trial

<p>Like many of you, I have been held captive by the "Jodi Arias Trial" (Ɓrrrrias in Spanish, but, i am unable to trill the "r" sound, can you?)  When i typed the title, i hesitated...calling it the "Jodi Arias" trial certainly gives it the significance and importance that Arias thrives on!  But the title "The Trial Of The Killer Of Travis Alexander" is a little wordy and has too many capital letters!</p><p>Whatever else I may say here today, the MOST IMPORTANT fact is that Travis Alexander was murdered by Jodi Arias.  She took the stand, and ADMITTED doing so.  DO NOT fall for "self-defense". Self Defense is aiming the gun and shooting a bullet or two.  Self Defense is stabbing someone in the heart till he stops coming at you.  Self Defense is NOT shooting a guy, stabbing him in the heart, stabbing him in the back when he tries to run from you AND THEN, AND THEN SLASHING HIS THROAT from ear to ear...and leaving him in the shower!  Self Defense CALLS 911, Self Defense doesnt say "i wasnt there" and then change a story...this is NOT SELF DEFENSE...IT IS MURDER!!!  NOTHING can give Travis his life again!  Arias said NOTHING that convinced me that Travis "needed" killing.  My thoughts and prayers go to his family, especially his sisters, who sit in that courtroom daily and CALMLY listen to the Defense Team tell the WORLD things MUCH WORSE than being called a "skank", a "whore" or a "3-hole wonder"!!  I am appalled!  Honestly, "Skank" is one of the KINDER words I think of when I consider Arias and what she has wrought.  </p>

I, myself, had negligent parents; I, too, lived with my grandparents. I feel I'm qualified to say that after ALL those children/now adults endured, the very LAST thing that they DESERVED was to spend the past 4.5 years dealing with this Trial, and watching as a self-centered MURDERER smirk as she drags the memory of their brother through the mud! Actually, I can't think of ANYONE who DESERVES that fate. It just sees to me that they have ALREADY endured so very much.  My heart bleeds for them!

My one and only sister was killed in an auto accident 36 years ago, and at times, I think I STILL haven't recovered from the loss of my best forever friend.  In comparison, I was lucky.  I did NOT have to face a murder in court every day for weeks on end.  There were no questions, other than "How did it happen?" No one to lie, no legal pundits to voice their opinions, no cameras focused on me, waiting to capture one of my many moments of weeping weakness, and no crazy people saying things like "She deserved what she got!" Or "What do you expect, her coming from parents like THAT?"

Like Travis, I was once dating a real, live (clinically diagnosed) sociopath who "had no conscience". NOTHING was EVER HIS fault or RESPONSIBILITY!  My experience enables me to see what a "piece of work" this woman REALLY is! You and I base our thoughts and ideas on "how we feel, or do things". When we hear a story, we believe it; we aren't liars, so we don't expect lies.  When we are sad, we cry; we don't suspect someone is crying only to manipulate us!! Sociopaths have a unique and impossible to understand way of taking anything you say and turning it around so that somehow YOU are the perpetrator and THEY are the victim...and then they are able to take that hot mess and convince everyone they talk to that YOU are the biggest jerk that walked the planet!  Do you hear from Arias that he basically GAVE her his old BMW, (with only her PROMISE to pay him back) which she IMMEDIATELY trashed!!?? No..but you hear some wild tale about her supposedly dropping a camera, so she shot him in the head, and THEN he got angry and said "I'm going to kill you!"  I would probably be a little peeved if someone shot ME in the head too!!

With all the strange things we have been forced to listen to (yes, I KNOW, I COULD have turned it OFF!), we have lost sight of this:  WAS ARIAS LEGALLY RIGHT IN KILLING TRAVIS ALEXANDER BECAUSE SHE FEARED FOR HER LIFE?  I am not convinced that she did. 

Arias got exactly what she wanted. No OTHER woman will have Travis as a husband! If he didn't marry her, he would marry NO ONE...and for eternity, no one will mention Travis without mentioning "Jodi Arias" HER eyes, they are married forever! 

My prayers are for the family...I pray that they get the justice they deserve. As much as I believe she deserves the DP, LWOP would cost the taxpayers much one spot during arias' interview with the detective, he asks "why are you crying?" Her answer is a sociopathic classic: I'm imagining all the things I won't be able to do in the future...." I hope that the jury gives her LWOP, because there are no State mandated long as an appeal is in the future she has hope.  To face the next 50-60 years of her life, with no appeal on the hope of wearing that soft, fluffy Hyatt bathrobe...or visiting with some other poor sap the 999 Places To See Before You Die that she still has left on her list...I want to know for sure that she won't be in the passenger seat when my son comes home for a Holiday Dinner...I want to know for sure that some OTHER man won't be tricked by her lies...or be found lying dead in the shower.

I will return to VAPING in my next blog...

Friday, December 21, 2012

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Vocal Vaper-adVentures in Vaping: The Vocal Vaper: A New Year is upon us!

The Vocal Vaper-adVentures in Vaping: The Vocal Vaper: A New Year is upon us!: I am assuming that we will all survive the apocolypse tomorrow, and the sun will rise in the morning, just as it has done for the last billi...

The Vocal Vaper: A New Year is upon us!

I am assuming that we will all survive the apocolypse tomorrow, and the sun will rise in the morning, just as it has done for the last billion years that I have been around...

Now that we have that out of the way. I will celebrate one year completely stinkey-free on January 9th, and in retrospect, I have come so far fron where I was; wheezing, coughing, out if breath and stinking to high heaven. I had been introduced to e-cigs by my son, he was worried about my over-all health. I ordered a "starter pack of one battery, a charger and a container of cartomizers which promised, but did not deliver "a pack-and-a-half of cigarettes" on my second day of vaping, I realized that the two packages I bought were NOT going to last me two WEEKS, more like 4 or maybe five, I promptly ordered 4 more packages and expected them to last me two weeks! I began waiting at the mail box. The original shipment, ordered on Monday morning, arrived in Wednesday. So, I believed I would have my refills in 2-3 days...four at most...and I was about to learn my FIRST lesson about the vaping world. Never have less than at least a full paydays supply in vape storage!

When I hadn't received the package on day 5, I was jones-ing, throwing nic-fits and trying my very best NOT TO GO BACK TO CIGARETTES!!! To make a LONG story short, I did not receive my package from them for 6 weeks. By the time it DID arrive, I had already found a DIFFERENT e-cig vendor, placed an order from the new vendor and received it in 3 days, and had placed another order.

The second vendors merchandise arrived January 9th, and I began my Vaping Adventure.
If, by chance, you are reading this in preparation of beginning your own Vaping Adventure, or if you somehow went back to stinkies, and are considering a new start for 2013, I want to assure you that you CAN give those things up in favor of a nice clean vape!

First, don't let anyone's comments deter you. But I want to give the new, or returning Vaper a few "hints for success" and "wise buys".

For beginner, there are many options to choose from and much to learn. I asked my vaping friends what they wished someone had told them when they first started, so I take a lot of the information from them for this blog.

At first, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the information, all the equipment and of course, all of the juices! We all had/have the same goal: to quit smoking, and hopefully, feel a little bit better, to stop burning holes in our clothing, our cars, and the rare occasion our bed sheets or the dog. My goal was to QUIT SMOKING, where and how, was another matter. Some bought their first set up at the mall, paying upwards of $200, others at the swap-meet or flea market, paying $120 or more, and others of us just googled "electronic cigarette" and ended up at a place that supposedly ranked "the best of the best", and only later found out that the companies PAID to be on that website, it has NOTHING to do with being "the best"! The "best" is whatever gets you off cigarettes, and then KEEPS you off cigarettes. It could cost $5,000, but if it doesn't work, it's worth nothing, right?

And Some of Us are lucky enough to know a Vaper. THAT is the best help you can have, someone you know, who will always be on call for your questions, and be available at all hours! So, if you don't know a Vaper, you have me! (And thousands of other vapers who are willing to help you too!)

First, no matter where you buy, online or in person, do NOT pay $100 or more for your first kit! Here is a rundown of what you REALLY need in your first weeks:

A battery (two, if you are feeling flush)
A charger
Cartos, either prefilled or blank
Juice, if you have blank cartos, or know that you want to try your own juices.

To be honest, the carrying case is nice but not necessary, the charging case is nice, but not necessary and the pass-thru is nice, but unless you are a trucker or stuck at your desk for 8 hours every day, you don't really need it. I bought one, used it for two days and put it in the vape-junk drawer...I didn't like being tied to a 3 foot cord all day. You DO need enough cartomizers/blanks to get you through from one order to the next; I order once a month, so, I need enough to see me through a month plus shipping time.

I ALWAYS order online! The best deals are found there, you can ask questions without pressure and the selection is better than a "brick and mortar". I have been to two very different Vape Shops, one locally, where the kid on duty knew little to nothing about the product his boss carried and the other was one that I drove 150 miles to get to! It is owned and run by a "mom and pop" team of vapers who were EXTREMELY helpful, answered all my questions AND because I had purchased from them online, gave me the online discount. If you happen to live anywhere near Edgewater, Florida, go see LJ's E-smokes, 2329 S Ridgewood Ave, Edgewater, FL 386.402.8688. These folks are good people, and can help you! (Tell them that the Vocal Vaper sent you!)

So, lets take this item by item! First: batteries.
Batteries come in every form, shape and style, beginning at the $10 disposable at Walgreens to the 24kt gold plated ProVari, to stainless steel batteries made in Greece, which are impossible to get unless you are willing to pay 3-5 times the original selling price to a "collector" who is trying to finance his next Ferrari by selling his collection.

You "might" want to buy a battery that replicates the feel, color, texture and flavor of your cigarette...totally understandable, I felt that way myself! But let me address "taste" first. NO electronic cigarette will taste "just like" your cigarette. With each inhale from your cigarette, you are not only inhaling "4000 chemicals" including formaldehyde, you are inhaling the smallest microns of ash...yes, the same ash that is on the tip of your smoke. So, NOTHING but a cigarette tastes like a cigarette. I can almost promise you that if you vape, without cheating, for a week, that when you break (and you will, and is okay, almost ALL of us do) you will discover just how awful cigarettes taste. I know, I know...I used be be a smoker! For 35 years, I did not believe that anyone could smell the cigarettes on me, on my clothes, on my breath, in my hair... I swore that every person ho saw me smoking, then started ACTING like she was choking and declaring herself "DEATHLY allergic" was so full of poo that her eyes were brown!

It wasn't until I was cigarette free for over a month that I realized that the only person I was fooling was myself.

See part Two, more battery information!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Vocal Vaper: Mt. Baker Vapor-Moo Juice

Greetings, dear Readers! I hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was as lovely and enjoyable as mine was; a few hours spent with the two men who bless my life, my husband and my dear son. Life without both of these men would be unbearable, and my life is enriched because of them. I am very blessed indeed!

My son and I share the "hobby" of vaping; and I am surprised that although my son and I have so many similar tastes and similar thoughts that our choices in e-juice are so very different! I prefer a "dry" sweet juice, like coffee & cream or tart fruits and his preferences are more "sweet" sweet juices, like Rock Star and Slurm. Both of us just shake our heads and think "My GOODNESS, s/he vapes some AWFUL stuff!!" Not only is "taste subjective", but flavor preferences vary widely too. (Some people like liver and onions for dinner, and others cringe at the thought!)

I am a member of a Facebook group called "Tankinista Goddesses"; a small group of 12 ladies who all began their vaping adventure with Vapor4Life. A few of us purchase only selected V4L juices, a few purchase ALL of their supplies from V4L, and are dedicated KR808 stick bats, some use only 510s and some use both 808s AND 510s! We all "met" on the V4L forum and formed a friendly bond, as folks with similar experiences, values and personalities will do. The group defines us our love of vaping, and our thirst for knowledge about our shared hobby. I am so grateful that they extended an invitation to me to join them, they are a wonderful group of ladies, and we share our experiences with vaping, from discussions about equipment equipment: batteries, juice, and cartos to our favorite topic, tanks, of course!

Last week, while sharing my experiences with my favorite juice supplier, ECBlend, one of the goddess/sisters shared her experience with Mt. Baker Vapor. I am always eager to try a new juice vendor, so I turned the computer on and visited Mt. Baker Vapor!

After reviewing all of the choices, I (bravely) ordered two 50ml bottles of Moo Juice, a Strawberries & Cream flavor, and a 50ml bottle of Cream! If you were to look in my vape box, you would see 50 or 60 small sample bottles, proving that I ALWAYS sample a juice befor i buy it. I never order a juce ive never tried, froma vender i dont know...let alone TWO 50ml bottles of one juice and 50ml of another juice! What was I THINKING??

Mt Baker Vapor offers semi-custom juices; not only do you choose the nic level, but also the "base", ranging from 80pg/20vg to 20pg/80vg, and something I've never seen before:
70%VG/30% distilled water, for those who are sensitive to PG!! How GREAT is that? You can also add up to FIVE flavor shots to the juice to make it as flavorful and rich as you like it! So, your juice is NOT the just-off-the-shelf-everyone-gets-the-same-brew, you choose more than just the nicotine level, and I LIKE that!

I ordered all of the Mt.Baker Vapor juices with 12mg nicotine in a 50/50 blend...and being brave, I ordered 4 extra flavor shots, all for the VERY reasonable cost of $11.39. (YES, 50ml of juice for LESS than $12!!!)7 I ordered these juices at about 8:30 am on Saturday, November 24th...yes, thanksgiving weekend...I REALLY didn't expect to receive the juices until Friday, at the earliest...(i didnt have much faith in a fast delivery, because I had been waiting for over two weeks for a 3 bottle order from VD!) So,I I grabbed my batt and my tank, sat down in the rocker and began waiting for my vape mail...I felt like a hen sitting on an egg waiting for it to hatch!

Would you believe that my juices were delivered before 1 o'clock on Monday? You could have pushed me over with a feather! I live across the country, in Florida, not across the street! TWO DAYS from order to delivery! WOW!!

So, I filled my new JonBoy tank with Moo Juice, and I started vaping. The moo juice was amazing! Fresh strawberries and the taste of the very thick cream like I used to get when I lived on the farm...WOW!! I was blown away!! I couldn't put it down! I bet that I vaped over 4 1/2 ML of Moo Juice in the next 12 hours!! (And I haven't been able to put it down since then!)

Currently, the profits from the sale of Moo Juice are to be given to Jennifer Cook, of Phiniac, as she fights a rare form of breast cancer. So, not only are you getting an excellent juice, your purchase supports an excellent cause!! I've thought that because I love this juice so very much that I should purchase several of the large 50ml size, as I do not know if they will continue making the juice after Jennifer's recovery. It is my hope that they will continue to make the juice and contribute the profits to the
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation dedicated to the research and cure of breast cancer. (They could give the profits to the Home for Wayward Girls, for as much as I care, JUST KEEP MAKING THE JUICE!!)

So, in ADDITION to getting a GREAT juice at an unbelievable price,(50ml for less than $12) AND receiving the product in record are making a contribution to a good cause!

So, won't you take a moment next time you need juice to check out Mt.Baker Vapor juices, and order a bottle of Moo Juice to help Jennifer. If you don't like the juice, I promise that I will vape it for you!!

Take care until next time! Happy Vaping!
Via, the Vocal Vaper

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Vocal Vaper-Things I've Found I Can't Live Without!

Hello, dear Readers!!

I just celebrated 10 months cigarette free!!! I must have "quit" smoking several hundred times, at most I would manage a week or two. I've tried everything from Chantix to snapping a rubberband I wore on my wrist. But on the Chantix, even knowing that I would "toss cookies" if I smoked, I would light up anyway! (And then pay the price for an hour!)

Vaping has been my salvation! I breathe easier, my colds don't last as long, and I noticed that my face now as a rosy glow, rather than a sallow yellow color. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save my teeth...and I suspect that I have COPD. Vaping was the answer to giving up cigarettes...and I suspect that I will be vaping for a VERY long time!!

I wanted to take a moment and mention the vaping items that I cannot live, here we go:

We all need are my favorites:

Joye Ego Twist- currently $22 at
The least expensive I've found, he is often out of stock, tho, but carries more than just black and silver.

"Ego Twist"- the vapor These are not a genuine Joye, but really WILD selection of colors and patterns, FAST shipping, nice lady!!

ProVari- "the Cadillac of APVS"-- now available in COLORS!! I have a purple mini on my wish list!


Boge cartos- -the ONLY place I buy cartos! "The Deal" is 5 packs of 5 carts currently sells for $23...less than $1 a carto...means I ALWAYS have a fresh one in my tank, and I don't feel guilty when I throw them away...I don't feel bad when I toss them into the recycle bin anymore!

In no particular order:

ANY Kir Fanis tank- $50-70 will last forever. See my prior reviews. I love these

Bella/Elegance tanks- $50 +/- so EASY to use!! GREAT VAPE, you CAN replace the plastic tank with a glass one from Bedazzle!!

Glass tanks: Bedazzle tanks. VERY reasonable, and VERY beautiful!!! Talk to Kathy, she's really Great

Glass tanks: Phiniac tanks will set you back 50+ and up, depending on the options you choose. They will sandblast a custom design into the tank! I love these, too!!

Vision ViVi Novas are available from almost everyone, cost about $16, and give an excellent vape, if you don't like to use a carto tank. Additionally, they have metal rank replacements (although both of the ones I purchased LEAKED, so I didn't wast any more money) but the main issue I have with the ViVis is that the replacement heads are more expensive than the boge cartos I use, so therefore, I tend to stick with my carto tanks.


I've tried close to 25 juice vendors, and 100 juices...but the ONE juice vendor I purchase from, month after month is: I use a LOT of juice each month, not only for myself, but I also buy juice for my Little Sister and my son. If I were only buying or myself, I might use a different vendor, but I purchase more than 900 ml of juice every month, so, value and a large selection is important to me. I cannot afford $22 for 30 ml!

ECBlend offers 50 (yes FIFTY)ml bottles of juice for a bit less than $16, less a 20% discount. ECBlend also offers "extra flavor" and "double extra labor" in addition to the option of adding "flavor shots" to the majority of their selections. Usually, it only takes 2-3 days for hem to get the juice blended and out the door! I HAVE ordered from some juice masters that don't offer as many flavor options, who have taken up to THREE WEEKS to ship my juice...then, the juice needs another week or more to "steep"...I can't always wait that long to get a juice.

I'm not going to cover the excellent APVs available that aren't readily available, that you have to track down, wait for months at a time to be released, get on a waiting list to buy, and then STILL not be "one of the lucky ones" to earn a chance to pay for...or the APVs that are only found on some obscure classified ad which are listed at 6-8 times the "original" selling price because they only made 150 items. (I asked about an APV about three months ago that originally sold for $199, and the seller was demanding $800!! When I sputtered, he said "this s a Collectors Item!" Well, goody...and good luck to you!)

I'm also not mentioning the "rebuildable" tanks...I haven't tried them because I have arthritic fingers and I am just not sure that building my own wicks is really worth the time, effort and money...

I hope to update my blog more often in the future...I'm learning something new everyday, and I will share with you as I can! Take care, and happy vaping!

Monday, October 1, 2012