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The Vocal Vaper

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Vocal Vaper: Mt. Baker Vapor-Moo Juice

Greetings, dear Readers! I hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday was as lovely and enjoyable as mine was; a few hours spent with the two men who bless my life, my husband and my dear son. Life without both of these men would be unbearable, and my life is enriched because of them. I am very blessed indeed!

My son and I share the "hobby" of vaping; and I am surprised that although my son and I have so many similar tastes and similar thoughts that our choices in e-juice are so very different! I prefer a "dry" sweet juice, like coffee & cream or tart fruits and his preferences are more "sweet" sweet juices, like Rock Star and Slurm. Both of us just shake our heads and think "My GOODNESS, s/he vapes some AWFUL stuff!!" Not only is "taste subjective", but flavor preferences vary widely too. (Some people like liver and onions for dinner, and others cringe at the thought!)

I am a member of a Facebook group called "Tankinista Goddesses"; a small group of 12 ladies who all began their vaping adventure with Vapor4Life. A few of us purchase only selected V4L juices, a few purchase ALL of their supplies from V4L, and are dedicated KR808 stick bats, some use only 510s and some use both 808s AND 510s! We all "met" on the V4L forum and formed a friendly bond, as folks with similar experiences, values and personalities will do. The group defines us our love of vaping, and our thirst for knowledge about our shared hobby. I am so grateful that they extended an invitation to me to join them, they are a wonderful group of ladies, and we share our experiences with vaping, from discussions about equipment equipment: batteries, juice, and cartos to our favorite topic, tanks, of course!

Last week, while sharing my experiences with my favorite juice supplier, ECBlend, one of the goddess/sisters shared her experience with Mt. Baker Vapor. I am always eager to try a new juice vendor, so I turned the computer on and visited Mt. Baker Vapor!

After reviewing all of the choices, I (bravely) ordered two 50ml bottles of Moo Juice, a Strawberries & Cream flavor, and a 50ml bottle of Cream! If you were to look in my vape box, you would see 50 or 60 small sample bottles, proving that I ALWAYS sample a juice befor i buy it. I never order a juce ive never tried, froma vender i dont know...let alone TWO 50ml bottles of one juice and 50ml of another juice! What was I THINKING??

Mt Baker Vapor offers semi-custom juices; not only do you choose the nic level, but also the "base", ranging from 80pg/20vg to 20pg/80vg, and something I've never seen before:
70%VG/30% distilled water, for those who are sensitive to PG!! How GREAT is that? You can also add up to FIVE flavor shots to the juice to make it as flavorful and rich as you like it! So, your juice is NOT the just-off-the-shelf-everyone-gets-the-same-brew, you choose more than just the nicotine level, and I LIKE that!

I ordered all of the Mt.Baker Vapor juices with 12mg nicotine in a 50/50 blend...and being brave, I ordered 4 extra flavor shots, all for the VERY reasonable cost of $11.39. (YES, 50ml of juice for LESS than $12!!!)7 I ordered these juices at about 8:30 am on Saturday, November 24th...yes, thanksgiving weekend...I REALLY didn't expect to receive the juices until Friday, at the earliest...(i didnt have much faith in a fast delivery, because I had been waiting for over two weeks for a 3 bottle order from VD!) So,I I grabbed my batt and my tank, sat down in the rocker and began waiting for my vape mail...I felt like a hen sitting on an egg waiting for it to hatch!

Would you believe that my juices were delivered before 1 o'clock on Monday? You could have pushed me over with a feather! I live across the country, in Florida, not across the street! TWO DAYS from order to delivery! WOW!!

So, I filled my new JonBoy tank with Moo Juice, and I started vaping. The moo juice was amazing! Fresh strawberries and the taste of the very thick cream like I used to get when I lived on the farm...WOW!! I was blown away!! I couldn't put it down! I bet that I vaped over 4 1/2 ML of Moo Juice in the next 12 hours!! (And I haven't been able to put it down since then!)

Currently, the profits from the sale of Moo Juice are to be given to Jennifer Cook, of Phiniac, as she fights a rare form of breast cancer. So, not only are you getting an excellent juice, your purchase supports an excellent cause!! I've thought that because I love this juice so very much that I should purchase several of the large 50ml size, as I do not know if they will continue making the juice after Jennifer's recovery. It is my hope that they will continue to make the juice and contribute the profits to the
Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation dedicated to the research and cure of breast cancer. (They could give the profits to the Home for Wayward Girls, for as much as I care, JUST KEEP MAKING THE JUICE!!)

So, in ADDITION to getting a GREAT juice at an unbelievable price,(50ml for less than $12) AND receiving the product in record are making a contribution to a good cause!

So, won't you take a moment next time you need juice to check out Mt.Baker Vapor juices, and order a bottle of Moo Juice to help Jennifer. If you don't like the juice, I promise that I will vape it for you!!

Take care until next time! Happy Vaping!
Via, the Vocal Vaper


  1. I've been in love with MBV since I received my first 15ml sample on my first order. I've been using them as my main source for e-liquid ever since. I would highly suggest trying out Ecto Cooler.

  2. My son LOVES Ecto-Cooler...but my favorite is Get Razzled (plus Blue Moo and Moo Juice)...I've been vaping exclusively for almost 2 first, I couldn't try enough flavors, which surprised me, because I smoked only ONE brand of cigarette from 1967-2011...but, the past 6 months or so, I've whittled down my juices to about six...mostly from Mt Baker and ECBlend...PinkSpot and MsT's have one or two that I enjoy...but, I've gotten spoiled by MBV and ECB

  3. The strawberries and cream sounds interesting. I would try this out when my current stock of liquid runs out. Then again, I should probably order now while they’re still on holiday sale. Thanks for the tip! This is indeed a great find!

    Frankie | Logic Premium E-cigs

  4. Sounds great! Have to check it out for myself to see if I like it. Any other suggestions aside from your favorites? I tend to lean toward the sweeter ones, but I’m open to suggestions. Thanks!

    Madeline @ Nidor Vapor Bar

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